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In truth, this is where much (but certainly not all) of the battle lies when it comes to debates in biblical archaeology [a term now abandoned by most scholars][2] The Date of the Exodus In his book on the Old Testament historical period, professor Eugene Merrill states, “The date of the exodus, the most important event in Israel’s past, is so crucial to the rest of the story that it is mandatory to give some consideration to the problem of ascertaining that date and as many other important dates as possible. C.), and usually hold that the Exodus is an etiological story created by Jewish scribes during Babylonian captivity to lend credibility and a sense of purpose to their plight. But if one uses the Bible’s own internal references concerning the Exodus then the date should be evident.

Obviously, there is no reckoning of time in the Old Testament with reference to B. Elsewhere Merrill explains: “According to 1 Kings 6:1, the exodus occurred 480 years prior to the laying of the foundations of Solomon’s temple. C., so the exodus according to normal hermeneutics and serious appraisal of the biblical chronological data, took place in 1446 [B. This might seem like a simple question, but it is a bit more complex than one might imagine. I find it rather interesting that the Exodus account in the Old Testament doesn’t mention the name of the pharaoh.

C.; and a knowledge of the Egyptian 18 Dynasty, it is possible to ascertain the probable identity of the pharaoh in the book of Exodus.

Following the conclusions of the above discussion, and if the revised chronology of Egyptian history is correct, then Amenhotep II (1450-1425 B. Merrill elaborates: Our identification of Amenhotep II as the pharaoh of the exodus is supported by two other considerations.

First, although most of the kings of Dynasty 18 made their principle residence at Thebes, far to the south of the Israelites in the Delta, Amenhotep was at home in Memphis and apparently reigned from there most of the time.

This is at least implied in the so-called dream stela found at the base of the Great Sphinx near Memphis.[11] Other inscriptional evidence outside of the biblical record gives us a picture of what Amenhotep was like. Hoerth, Amenhotep II was a famous sportsman in his youth and he left several stories of his physical abilities (ANET 243-45).

For example, it was recorded that no one else was strong enough to draw his bow.

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